I hope I die before I get old

I am old enough to remember the Who singing that line in My Generation.

When they sang I was younger than them, and am (Dylan) “younger than that now”.
Its not the old I have a problem with, its their old ideas.

Brexit, NHS (best in the world) Jingo Patriotisim. Daily Telegraph, Daily Express,  Daily Mail, Cruise Ships. Obsession with Grandchildren, Brexit and Brexit – Take back control. Their past is now their only future.

I have exceeded my threescore and ten and hope die before I get  old.

Bring on the next generation, this one is past its dead-by date.

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The Hive Mind

Here is a theory that is

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bluff, bluster and bully

People give themselves away by the way they look. They reveal themselves by the way they dress.You can detect lies by listening to their voice and the sly smile of the psycho or the crocodile tears  of the insincere says it all.

We can read people like a book, watch their face contradict their words and even smell a rat or get gut instinct when the other signals are missing.

Today I learned another way. The words they use.

We have all the alphabet available and dictionaries  of words. We are defined by our choices.

Shifty people, the hollow men, their words smell as they curl them from their mouths. Weasel words full of emptiness, fill the airwaves. They fill the newspapers.  The zombies have taken over the cemetery.


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    The Confusion of Tongues

    Very few people can think clearly and as soon as an issue arises where clarity of mind is required, the fog descends. More and more words are added rather than subtracted. Heat is added where cold is required and agitation stirs the dust when matters should be allowed to settle and rest.

    The Insurance Act is an example of this.

    Since the 1906 Marine Insurance Act an injustice has been growing that has almost destroyed the reputation of insurance. The lopsided doctrine of utmost good faith.

    Reputation and trust is absolutely essential when selling an intangible, when buying a promise.

    Insurers smugly believed this doctrine. I did myself. We were taught it and examined on it. It was more than a fact, it was an essential truth, or so we were told.

    Not all truths last for ever. Facts can erode them and time bring rust.

    It was the case with Utmost Good Faith which ended in the squalor of bad faith.

    Insurers  routinely used it as an excuse for not pursuing fraud or demanded a level of knowledge from a customer they knew they never had.

    For decades the Law Commission fought a lonely battle against the entrenched interests of Insurers and the indifference of the broking community to balance the scales.

    The Insurance Act makes few changes that are radical but it is a start.

    I would like to live long enough to see contract certainty. To see the day when all policies pay out either a pre-agreed sum, or are quibble-free, unless fraud is proved. Claim settlement should be independent of the Insurer,  as the Insurer cannot manage  the conflict of interest in taking money  for assessing  the risk,  and then being allowed to handle the claim.  Underwriting should always take place before the claim. When the underwriters loses the bet,  they should pay the punter  and not hold a steward’s enquiry into what went wrong,  and experience the the claimant to pay the price of their poor judgement.

    The Act has stirred up a cloud of unknowing as everyone piles in to add confusion. Almost everyone believe it is some sort of  major change. That is nonsense. It is the passing into Law of best practice and reduces the burden on brokers and customers.

    All the duties are not newly imposed. They have been there since 1906.

    That fact they are are not recognised and thought to be new,  is a mark of how little we knew and how far we have to go be become  a profession.





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    Data Protection Nonsense

    When setting out to travel, destination is all important. If you don’t have a clear idea of where you want to go, you will either end up somewhere else, or wander around like someone on a gap year, till the money runs out.

    GDPR and Data Protection is nonsense.

    More than that it is stupid, expensive and dangerous. It is as silly as Equality and as impractical as Feminism.

    There I have said it. The thunderbolts will rain down on my head. I have blasphemed.

    This is not a justification. It is an explanation. Disagree as you will, but Equality, Feminism Data Protection and GDPR are all nonsense.

    They are blind alleys, they are expensive, consume passion, waste human effort and all fundamentally flawed.

    I will let you fume about Feminism and Equality until I recharge my cranky tanks. Today is all about GDPR and Data Protection.

    The idea that Data has to be protected is fundamentally flawed. Data is Data.
    Like water it is meant to flow. It is a form of knowledge.

    That is a given.

    Data is Latin and it means “that which is given”

    The idea that knowledge should be protected,” kept safe” belongs in days of the Inquisition.
    All information should flow. Our economy depends on it.
    Only politicians and the clergy want to keep things from you.
    Who care if every one knows my bank details, my address, how much I drink or my politics.
    Who cares. I don’t.
    These things should all be in the public domain.
    Secrecy produces crime. Turn the lights on. Let everyone’s earnings be known.
    Let everyone’s criminal record be known. Let’s know who lives next door, and what they do when the lights go out.
    Let’s put an end to privacy.
    Let’s all grow up. Privacy  is an an illusion anyway.Google knows everything , God is supposed to,  The CIA and MI5 are trying to. why shouldn’t we.
    Private thoughts can lead to depression, can lead to perversion. They are exclusive, lonely and the sole cause on madness.

    Why shouldn’t we know everything. Data should flow.

    One proviso. People should be protected. Yes people should be protected, not Data.

    Hurting a person, taking advantage of a person, embarrassing a person, humiliating a person, should be wrong and punished in the way theft and assault are.

    Let all data flow,and hold people accountable to how they use it.Hold people accountable for what they think. That’s what Jesus is reputed to have said.

    Te destination is wrong. We set out to protect data, we should have travelled to protect people.

    More travelling will make matters worse. Think how you can look after your customers, your friends, those you will never meet. They are you in  other bodies.

    Look after people  not data.

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    Social Mediocrity

    Marshall McLuhan

    Someone reminded  me last night of the invention of the printing press. As time goes, it is a recent invention.

    Before that monks dustily toiled over manuscripts, copying them with quill and ink.

    Gutenberg changed all that and books were born.

    It wasn’t long before they were even in our native tongue.. William Caxton was Shakespeare’s John the Baptist, preparing the way for the explosion that was English.

    It is early morning and I lie here in a dark autumn, tapping this out on a tablet, on a website, my tablet. Writing has become both personal and global. It is called Social  Media. Suddenly every gossip has a voice and madmen can rant across the digital globe.

    It would be worrying, but at my age, I lack the time for such a luxury and am instead content to merely comment.

    The world has been given its voice, and millions of illiterate authors vent their spleen  (whatever that means)  as their fingers do their angry talking.

    Cloying sweetness, motivational nonsense and warnings urging you to share, are our new newspapers. Facebook for fake friends, Linked in for business bolloxs, Twitter for tw*ts, vie for infinite space with forums for the uninformed.

    It is all so depressingly bad. Text spelling millennials or middle-aged mumsnets; it makes little difference. Everyone an author, every page an addition to a library of mediocrity.

    We have diluted the sacred word in endless discussions about important nothing’s. Here is one more.


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    We we should join Europe

    With all this talk of leaving, the thought occurred to me, that we should join.

    The Brexit people are in the main eccentric members of the conservative party.They are madder than a box of frogs (apologies to the French).

    These little Englanders, white supremacists and commonwealth believers are up against the might of the CIA, the Capitalist world and the Labour party.  Even Veggies want us to stay in.

    Trump wants us out.

    I think we never joined. Its a shame. Being European would greatly enhance our influence in the world and widen our view. We are obsessed with nationalism. The Scots want independence, rather than a cure for their tribalism. The sheepish Welsh  are frightened of holding any opinion worthy of appearing in the news. The Northern Irish are a sort of throwback to a world that only existed on television.

    I hope these aren’t racist statements. I love my fellow man. In fact I want to see a joined up world.

    Joining Europe might be a start – who knows, the other insular backward nations might join us.

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